Favre retires…

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As a lifelong diehard Packer fan, today, I’m sad. Will write more soon…

A legend hangs up the cleats…


Don’t give up on golf, America

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Just read an amazing & moving piece on the game of golf and the relationship between a daughter and her father. Thank you, Mary Buckheit, for writing it and thanks to her Dad, Jim, an amazing man who is undoubtedly playing his rounds in a better place…


Mary and Jim Buckheit

Magically del.icio.us….

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delicous logo
OK – I’m sequestered in our Philadelphia office working on a huge proposal so I don’t have much time for a witty blog post today.  I’ll simply highlight one of my favorite Web 2.0 sites.  I’m talking about delicous.com, the wonderful, easy to use site that does 3 things extremely well:

 1) allows me to store my internet bookmarks / favorites on the web so I can access them anywhere from any computer.  It also organizes them by tags, so I never have to decide whether my San Diego Real Estate links should be in the San Diego or Real Estate folder.  I love tags.

2) it uses a simple but brilliant URL structure that

  a) allows me to share my bookmarks / favorites (you can see mine at)

      and cleverly puts my links that I have tagged with RealEstate at an intuitive URL. 


    If I don’t want to share some of my favorite links with the world, it is extremely easy to share or not share with others.

    3) Most great Web 2.0 sites leverage the social networking aspect and delicious.com is no different.  I can always browse what others are tagging with ‘realestate’ for instance.   Just type ‘real estate’ into the search field at delicious.com.


And since people’s favorites are self-defined and not based on advertising dollars, the search results for a given tag are often-times more interesting and relevant than Google search.

OK – back to work.  If this $#%@ proposal was a website I could tag it with “long, painful, monotonous, insane, annoying, maddening, irritating, infuriating”……you get the idea.


welcome to ‘molding clay’

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Welcome to my blog. Despite

a) my passion for technology
b) my vocal evangelism for ‘Web 2.0’ and
c) my joy of writing….

I had procrastinated actually launching this blog, until a few good friends explained to me that my excuse for delay was incredibly lame. I argued that I had many interests and didn’t want to start a blog without a main theme or topic. They both nudged me to start anyway and convinced me that eventually my blog would evolve and develop it’s own voice. As a huge blog reader, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m late to the party. Very late.

So the title “molding clay” represents either my varied interests or my lack of focus, I guess time will tell. While I can’t promise I’ll keep it all in one bucket, I do promise to write about the things that ‘mold’ my actions, thoughts and life on a daily basis. I’ll apologize in advance if my first 37 posts meander around 37 different subjects but I hope they will all be interesting enough to cause a chuckle, a thought, a tear or at least a reason to come back and read another post.

thanks for reading…